little ones
"Going off the idea that middle school teachers planted in our heads that if we repeatedly say we are or are not going to do something on paper, I wrote your name down 100 times. Hoping that would create the idea in my mind that you are not good and could only lead to trouble. But I forgot that the main reason our teachers made us write these things over and over again was to remember them. So, yes, now I know to stay away from you but what am I supposed to do when all I can seem to remember these days is your name?"
Maybe I Should Have Only Written It 99 Times Instead // JRF (via lovejayr)
"I used to think that when people had gotten their heartbroken it was their fault, they must of done something to provoke it, or they must of added something into it for it to go so wrong… But now i know that it wasn’t their fault, just like it wasn’t my fault."
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